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Buyeo National Museum

The Buyeo National Museum located in Buyeo is playing a central and leading role in the study, research and preservation of the Baekje culture.
The Buyeo National Museum exhibits about 1,000 artifacts out of the approximately 15,000 relics in the fields of archaeology and arts in its collection collected in Chungcheongnam-do Province. Located in Buyeo

Cheongju National Museum

The Cheongju National Museum opened on October 30, 1987. Its mission is to survey, study, and display the cultural heritage of Chungcheongbuk-do Province and educate the public onthe unique provincial culture.

Chuncheon National Museum

The Chuncheon National Museu m that was finally opened on Oct. 30 in 2002 after the long-cherished desire of Gangwon people has served as both the treasure house of cultural heritage of the region and the pivotal cultural infrastructure of the nation as it??.

Daegu National Museum

The Daegu National Museum opened on 7th December 1994.
The Daegu National Museum houses approximately 30,000 artifacts. Its main collection consists of not only archaeological objects but also fine art objects.

Exhibition of Artifacts from Royal Palaces

The Royal Museum opened in December 1992 to serve as a means of giving the right understanding of royal culture and life of the Joseon Dynasty. It contains artifacts from the royal tombs and palaces within the city of Seoul and its vicinities.

Gongju National Museum

The Gongju National Museum preserves and manages 10,000 cultural properties including 19 national treasures and 3 treasures excavated in Daejeon and Chungcheongnam-do areas. Important artifacts of high academic value are shown in permanent and special exhibits for the public,

Gwangju National Museum

The gwangju national museum was established at maegok-dong of jeollanam-do province on dec.6,1978 after korea’s liberation from japan in 1945. since its opening, it has contributed to the development of unique and regional culture consistently.

Gyeongju National Museum

Welcome to the Gyeongju National Museum.
The Gyeongju National Museum, a treasure house of Silla Kingdom's one thousand year culture, has been loved by Korean people and has attracted great interest from people all over the world. Recently, we have opened the Art Hall and renovated the Archaeology Hall,

Jeonju National Museum

JeonJu National Museum is a comprehensive museum that provides the history and culture of Jeollabuk-do. We are committed to satisfying visitors expectations with various rooms in the main building such as an Archeology room, which displays archeological m aterials from all over Jeollabuk-do. The Fine art room exhibits Buddhist art work, ceramics, and paintings, and the Folklore room displays folk materials from which you can see modern lifestyles.

National Lighthouse Museum

According to the theory of configuration of the ground, the National Lighthouse Museum is located in Homigot (Cape Homi), which corresponds to the tail of the tiger. It is the only museum dedicated to lighthouses in Korea. In 1985, Yeongil-gun (now the city of Pohang) opened the museum,

National Museum of Korea

In September 1908, when the fate of Daehan Jeguk (the Great Han Empire) hung by a thread, the last Emperor Sunjong established the Imperial Household Museum at Changgyeonggung Palace. It was Korea's first museum.